Publications with Undergraduates

Refereed Publications with Undergraduate Students*

(last updated 8-Oct-2012)

(**REU-funded students, *other undergraduate students)

  1. Shea, K., Smyth, M., Sheppard, A., Morton, R. and *Chalimbaud, J.  (2000)  Effect of patch size and plant density of a Paterson’s curse (Echium plantagineum) on the oviposition of a specialist weevil, Mogulones larvatus.  Oecologia 124(4): 615-621.
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  4. **Marchetto, K.M., Jongejans, E., *Jennis, M.L., *Haner, E.M., *Sullivan, C.T., Kelly, D. and Shea, K. (2010) Shipment and storage effects on the terminal velocity of seeds. Ecological Research 25: 83–92.
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  7. Skarpaas, O., *Silverman, E.J., Jongejans, E., Shea, K. (2011) Are the best dispersers the best colonizers? Seed mass, dispersal and establishment in Carduus thistles. Evolutionary Ecology 25: 155-169.
  8. *Ruggiero, D. C. and Shea, K. (2011) Effects of interspecific competition on early life history of the invasive thistles Carduus nutans and C. acanthoides.  Northeastern Naturalist 18(2), 197–206.
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  13. **Garrison, A., Miller, A.D., Roxburgh, S. and Shea, K. (2012) More bang for the land manager’s buck: Disturbance autocorrelation can be used to achieve management objectives at no additional cost.  Journal of Applied Ecology 49: 1020–1027. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2012.02187.x
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  15. **Garrison, A., Miller, A.D., Ryan, M.R. Roxburgh, S. and Shea, K. (accepted) Stacked crop rotations exploit weed-weed competition for sustainable weed management. Weed Science

Publications from undergrads in the lab without Shea authorship

  1. *Costa, C.M. and Yang, S. (2009) Counting pollen grains using a readily available, free image processing and analysis software. Annals of Botany 104: 1005-1010; doi:10.1093/aob/mcp186.